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Nov 2013:

TX Racing Wheel : New Driver


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Driver / Firmware / T500 RS
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Firmware “V41” update procedure 2013-09-18


- Added compatibility for the “Ferrari 458 Challenge Wheel” on PC and PlayStation®3.

This firmware includes the previous changes:

- The self-calibration process has been optimized = V40

- Latency has been optimized and raised to 500 Hz (instead of 125 Hz) of the frame rate =V40

- FERRARI F1 racing wheel compatibility added : compatible with both T500 RS racing wheels, i.e. the GT and Ferrari F1 wheels = V38

- BOOTLOADER: Added protection and recovery procedure to avoid any risk of definitive firmware loss = V37

- FLASH MEMORY: Added protection to avoid potential flash corruption. = V35

- PEDALS: Improved Precision = V33

- “MODE” BUTTON: Now necessary to press this button for one second to invert the pedal set position (to avoid unintended inversion during gameplay). = V33

- Wheel’s calibration optimization + Wheel’s central value detection optimization = V32

The update procedure is performed through your wheel only, you don’t need your pedal set for this operation.

 [T500RS_V41 Firmware Update Process.pdf] 2 MB

PC - DRIVERS FORCE FEEDBACK (Package 2013_TTRS_2) + Firmware V41 2013-09-18

Changes made in new driver version:

- Force Feedback optimized in some PC games

= We strongly recommend that you update your PC with this new driver version.

This driver includes the previous changes:

- Added detection of the “Ferrari 458 Challenge Wheel” in the Control Panel.
- Resolved a problem of the wheel randomly disconnecting in some PC games.
- Resolved a problem of residual Force Feedback effects in some PC games.
Solved a problem that appeared when users attempted to save force effects in the Control Panel)
Optimization of the latency, refreshing and reactivity of Force Feedback effects for “next-generation” games

System Requirement :

- Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Windows® 8 (32-bit / 64-bit)


- DO NOT CONNECT the T500 RS racing wheel to your PC before being prompted to do so.

- DO NOT CLICK in any Windows-specific panes that may appear during the update process.

- RESTART THE COMPUTER once the package setup is complete.

Create a folder for all your Thrustmaster downloads: right-click the Windows desktop, then point to New/Folder.

- Name the folder Thrustmaster Downloads.

- Click the download link.

- A File Download dialog box appears. Click Save.

- A Save As dialog box appears. Select the Thrustmaster Downloads folder you have created and then click Save.

Installation :

1- Double-click the installation file (2013_TTRS_2.exe) to proceed with the installation.

2- Follow the instructions displayed onscreen.

3- When done, select Start/All Programs/Thrustmaster/T500 RS Racing Wheel/Control Panel.

The Game Controllers dialog displays; the racing wheel appears onscreen with the name Thrustmaster T500 RS Racing Wheel or Ferrari F1 wheel Integral T500 and with the status indication OK

4- In the Control Panel, click Properties to configure your racing wheel:

* Test Input: Enables you to test the buttons, the D-Pad, the Wheel, the Pedals and to configure wheel Rotation Angle.

* Test Forces: Enables you to test 12 force effects.

* Gain Settings: Enables you to configure the Force Feedback.

Click on OK to save your settings and exit the Control Panel.

You are now ready to race!

General comments:

- Your wheel’s Firmware version appears in the top right in the Control Panel’s tabs. Firmware: 41 is the latest version.

- For most games (e.g.: GTR™, rFactor™, iRacing™): in the OPTIONS/CONTROLS/FORCE FEEDBACK settings, Force Feedback effects must be set to “POSITIVE = + Values” or “NON-REVERSED”.

Notes regarding the FERRARI 458 CHALLENGE WHEEL:
- On PlayStation®3 and PC, the “Ferrari 458 Challenge Wheel” is recognized as a "T500 RS" wheel.
The racing wheel appears onscreen under the name Thrustmaster T500 RS Racing wheel.

Notes regarding the FERRARI F1 racing wheel:
- On PlayStation®3 and PC, the Ferrari F1 racing wheel is recognized as a "T500 RS" wheel.
This is the “Normal Mode” , offering 13 action buttons + D-Pad (in this mode, the D-Pads, shifters and L3/R3 buttons are combined). In this mode, the 2 rotary encoders emulate the D-Pad's 4 main directions. They can therefore be used to alter a car's settings (engines, tires, fairing, etc.). To use them, if required, access your game's Control options and alter them as required.

The racing wheel appears onscreen under the name Thrustmaster T500 RS Racing wheel.

- On PC (only), the racing wheel can be configured in “Advanced Mode” to offer 25 action buttons + 1 D-Pad (in this mode, the 2 rotary encoders, 2 D-Pads, 4 shifters and 4 L3/R3 buttons are configured individually). To do so, in the T500 RS Control Panel, select the Advanced Mode option.

The racing wheel appears onscreen under the name Ferrari F1 wheel Integral T500.

 [Windows® 8 / 7 / Vista / XP] 13 MB

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