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TX Racing Wheel : New Driver


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Games Settings / TH8 RS Shifter
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TH8 RS Shifter: PlayStation®3 Games 2011-10-25

* On PlayStation®3, the TH8 RS shifter is compatible with:

- GRAN TURISMO® 5 – PS3 (*)

(*) The latest available game updates must be installed (using your PlayStation®3 Internet connection) for the Thrustmaster shifter to work correctly.

(*) Compatible only with the T500 RS
(*)Compatible with the “H-pattern (7+1)” shift plate & with the “Sequential (+/-)” shift plate
(*) Compatible only with one TH8 RS, even in 2 player mode

(*) “Manual Clutch” is enabled as soon as you press the clutch pedal while driving (each time you shift gears with the TH8 RS, you must then press the clutch pedal at least 2/3 of the way down its physical range of travel).

(*)“Automatic Clutch” is enabled if you never press the clutch pedal while driving, or if you use the sequential paddle shifters on the T500 RS.

- GRAN TURISMO® 6 – PS3 (*)

- GRID2™ – PS3

Compatible with the “H-pattern (7+1)” shift plate & with the “Sequential (+/-)” shift plate


Compatible with the “H-pattern (7+1)” shift plate & with the “Sequential (+/-)” shift plate

- NASCAR® ‘14 – PS3

Compatible with the “H-pattern (7+1)” shift plate & with the “Sequential (+/-)” shift plate

- Compatible with many forthcoming releases


On PlayStation®3, when using the Thrustmaster shifter with the T500 RS racing wheel, we recommend that you connect both devices (the racing wheel in particular) directly to your PlayStation®3's USB port. However, if you are using a USB hub, connect the T500 RS racing wheel to the PlayStation®3 and the TH8 RS to the hub.

TH8 RS Shifter : PC Games 2011-10-25

On PC , the TH8 RS shifter can be used with:

- All games compatible with the multi-USB feature and shifter devices:

• BMW M3 Challenge,
• C.A.R.S.,
• Dirt®2™,
• Dirt®3™,
• Euro Truck Simulator 2,
• Formula Truck,
• Game Stock Car,
• Grid™,
• Grid2™,
• GTR™2,
• GT Legends,
• GTR™ Evolution,
• iRacing,
• Live for Speed,
• NFS™ Carbon,
• NFS™ ProStreet,
• NFS™ Shift 1,
• nKPro,
• Race™07,
• Race™On,
• RaceRoom™ Racing Experience,
• RaceRoom™: The Game 2,
• rFactor™,
• rFactor2™,
• Richard Burns Rally™,
• TDU™,
• TDU™ 2,
• Simraceway,
• STCC® The Game

- All currently available racing wheels

* Some PC games (e.g., Dirt®3™ ) require that you install the latest available game updates for the Thrustmaster shifter to work correctly.

* To avoid any conflict between the racing wheel and the shifter, some PC games may require you to proceed as follows:

- Do not allocate any features to the wheel's up/down shifters

- Define a "button pushed = gear shift" feature (e.g. in GTR™ Evolution or Race® On )

- Install any required plug-ins (e.g. the H Shifter Plugin in Richard Burns RALLY™ )

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